Frequently Asked Questions

The goal to revive the world of peer to peer system gave birth to WEALTHINSTANT. It was out of the zeal to be financially free that a collective group of like-minded individuals from different race and background who stepped to make a new and positive change in the era of peer to peer system.
WEALTHINSTANT has come to stay. This is a first system that adds a feature of Multi Level Marketing, people work to earn daily by referring more people into the system. Hence, WEALTHINSTANT has come to eradicate the ill-mentality of the people towards peer-to-peer donations. WEALTHINSTANT has come with sincere and honest admins to make a new dawn in the era of peer funding. Bearing this in mind and achieving this, WEALTHINSTANT will last beyond our imaginations
In WealthInstant, you can donate as low as 5,000 Naira to 100,000 Naira in your local currency, and only once in 3 days, i.e you can't PH twice at the same time. This is to curb hit-and-run participants.
In WealthInstant, participants have 24hours to pay when matched.
WealthInstant gives you 40% in 3 days
WealthInstant gives INSTANT 500 - 2,000 Naira referral bonus at the point of PH creation. You don’t wait for 3 days before you receive this payment, it is paid 24 hrs after the person your refer creates his/her first PH.
For development to take place in any society, our mindsets must be changed. For these mindsets to be changed, the bearer of the development must be refined and polished. WealthInstant admins are honest, with sincerity as their watchword. They can't do this alone.
WealthInstant admins are focus-driven and as such honest and sincere Team builders who are determined in helping participants achieve their financial freedom.
Very strong with dedicated IP hosted on a VPS, Not on a shared network and as such can accommodate unlimited number of participants.